Types of Header Bidding Wrappers

There are two primary benefits of using a wrapper maximizing profit through a fair transaction and reducing quiescence by optimizing each exchange appendage.

Coming back to the wrapper types, there are three types of title bidding wrappers. Open- source, personal, and managed wrapper results. Let’s take a near look at each of them.

1. Open-source Header Bidding Wrapper

As the name suggests itself, an open- source title bidding wrapper is what it exactly sounds like. It’s a free and open- source result, which is being used extensively among publishers.

The open- source nature of this title bidding wrapper means that the law can be penetrated by anyone. Since the source law will be opened to the community, there's further translucency as it can be penetrated by them to insure a fair transaction.

This provides lesser inflexibility and customization to publishers who implements title bidding on their websites. Not to mention, it’s also a cost-effective approach for publishers.

The most generally used free and open- source results among announcement tech professionals are PreBid and PubFood.

2. Proprietary Wrapper Solution

As opposed to open- source, personal results have to work with individual exchanges. It's because it requires constantre-certification. Thisre-certification places a significant burden on the development coffers of the wrapper provider, leading to longer development cycles and further time-out.

As a result, the process of maintaining comity with multiple exchanges can be time- consuming and resource- ferocious.

also, numerous publishers choose not to go with the personal wrapper results for a number of reasons. One of them is lower translucency.

Another reason is that personal wrappers may be more precious than open- source druthers , which can be a significant factor for publishers who are operating on a tight budget.

3. Managed Wrapper Solutions

Publishers who aren't well- clued with the specialized coffers as well as SSP hookups and announcement operations coffers might want to conclude for the managed wrapper results.

One of the stylish effects about managed results is that Prebid is constantly erected on top of them, offering you complete translucency and, depending on the supplier, fresh benefits. Some of the providers might, for case, give a invariant dashboard or fresh announcement packages.

In addition to offering devoted account directors, perpetration support, and announcement operations masterminds, managed wrapper results significantly lessen the burden of development for publishers.

Managed wrapper results not only give devoted account directors, perpetration support, and announcement ops masterminds, but they also reduce the development complexity for publishers.

This makes it easier for publishers to concentrate on producing quality content without having to worry about the specialized aspects of announcement operations

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